WinShredder is a security tool for Windows computers
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WinShredder is a security tool for Windows computers. The name would suggest that this is one of those secure file erasers, but there is more to it than that. Of course, the main function of this app is to safely erase files so they can't be recovered by anyone after you delete them. This is carried out by writing dummy files over the physical space your original files occupied. And there are three levels of safely erasing your files, if you will. The higher the security you choose, the longer it will take and the more likely it will be that your file will be gone for good.

Other than that, the application offers several privacy and security features to keep your computer really clean. If you go to the options, you will see a list of features that are turned OFF by default. By turning them on, you activate them. They can do a lot of tasks which range from automatically deleting your cookies and your Internet history, to cleaning up and deleting your Media player history, your streaming history, and a bunch more things. These are only add-ons but they are very welcome. Also, WinShredder brings several tutorials that help carry out the most basic tasks, and that is certainly a great improvement in presentation over other applications.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of included extras.
  • Different levels of security when deleting files


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